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Spot Round Built In 98 - 75 mm / SH - M 017

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                                        Spot Round  Built - In  98 – 75 mm 

Our Round spot  SH - M 017 , which has a delicate and pretty  shape  with its thin  body and  Shiny Middle, has the advantage of having exclusivity and  originality of the SHARM Brand. This Spot is one of our new generation designs  , which  is designed by Royal Eclairage France .                                                                                                                        This new generation of decorative spots , gives luxurious highlighting to  your  ceiling , at  home , restaurant , hotel , or  any place  will be installed  , will  give  an extreme  beauty ,  and as a result  will  give satisfaction  to  all your  aspirations , due  to  our very  large selection of colors and shapes .

Choose the color
  • White
  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Rosy Gold


Technical characteristics :

This Spot is  made of  pure aluminum , to  give a sense of  luxurious ambiance to your interior. Its diameter is  98 mm and the  Built - In  diameter is 75 mm.

There are two choices  available for the bulbs that fit to our round spots :

1 – Dimmable bulbs , which  has possibility of  variation  the lighting power  .

2 - Non-dimmable , which  gives one  power of  lighting .

You can choose  warm white lighting  (3000 K ) , medium  white  ( 4000  k )                    or  cold white (6000 K).

Our bulbs offer two angles of illumination: 25  and  45  degree .

And More :

This design of spots  are available in  four  colors : White ,  Gold , Chrome , Rosy Gold  .    We have many different  spot  designs  of the same colors ,  as well as  other   colors.        If you want to have more  lighting joy ,  can  use  different designs to give  a unique style to your interior, with  respecting  the harmony of colors.


Our decorative  spots can be placed in any room of the house , but if  using in a kitchen , and  close to the oven  or to the stove ,  will  have the difficulty  of cleaning more frequently .  For optimal lighting and pleasant decoration  we recommend  when installing  to leave  at least 50 cm between  spots .

                                 Bulb  NOT  Provided

Product Details

Aluminium pur
98 mm
Outside thickness of the spot
6 mm
22 mm
Diameter of installation
75 mm
Type de culot
5 ans


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